The Details

Date: 10 August, Location: @riva1000islands, Photos: @mbeast40, Tent & Canopy: @sperrytentscanda, Flowers: @gananoqueflower, Rentals: @bustiniscatering, @budgetbackdrops, @chairmanmills, @linencloset, @westwindslife

The Details

Date: 31 May, Location: private residence, Photos: @mbeast40, Centrepiece creation: bridal party & @bowtieserives, Flowers: @gananoqueflower, Rentals: @maineventtents, Catering: Otter Creek, Bar: @bowtieservices, Wine: Wine Kits

The Details

Date: 15 June, Location: private venue (please contact me for more information if interested), 

Photographer:,  Flowers: @loyalist_flowers, 

Catering and Rentals: @bustiniscatering, Bar: @alewifeeventbartendin

The Details ...

Date: 14 September, Location: The Ivy, Photographer:,