Event Organization

Private & Non-Profit Events

We can help turn your ideas into a beautifully themed event by reviewing your plan and sourcing venues, decorations, rental items and supplies as required. We can be there to assist you every step of the way. We offer event marketing assistance, and sponsorship solicitation services for non-profit organizations. 


We offer Day-Of Organization and Full Service packages. A full service package may include: venue and supplier sourcing, contract review/negotiation, wedding theme creation assistance, budget management, multiple venue site visits, assistance in creating bouquets, wedding décor and guest favors, timeline creation, and vendor management. With a full service package an on-site event coordinator will be available for your rehearsal, ceremony and reception and will handle all of the final details noted under day-of organization.

Day-of Event Organization

This service begins at least 1-2 months before the event and includes an initial consultation, venue and supplier contract reviews, and a visit to the venue to review the floor plan and timeline.  Our on-site coordinator will communicate the event timeline, expected arrival times, and special requests to all vendors. The on-site coordinator will also oversee and coordinate the clean-up of the event and make a plan for returning all rental items. 

Get Organized Today

Home Organization

Initial Consultation

During an initial in-home consultation of approx. 1.5 hours, we will meet with you to discuss your organizing needs, assess your space, learn your vision and offer you solutions that are customized to suit your lifestyle. 

Home & Office Organization

The first step in creating an organized space is sorting through your items and keeping only what is useful to you. We will work with you to identify, remove, repurpose, or dispose of unwanted items in an eco-conscious manner. Now that you are ready to get organized, we can assist you or we can take the lead on preparing a budget to suit your needs and together we will find a place for everything that you love. 

Organizing Your Move

Moving Out: We can help you De-Clutter, De-Personalize & Stage your home using your own furniture and decor. 

Moving in: We will help you unpack & organize, so you can relax and De-Stress.  With the use of the 3 D's you will be prepared to move out of your current home and be settled into your new home.